About Try Travel Writing

This is your chance to peek behind the curtain of an exciting career in the world of travel journalism.

Our experienced and successful writing and photography instructors will teach you to identify good story angles, conduct interviews, try out various story forms, find your writing voice and take photographs that will help you tell your story. Seminars also will include tips on selling or self-publishing your work, and the best work from among the participants will get published on our blog and in other potential outlets.


Our learning vacations are geared to people of every level of interest—those looking at launching or further evolving a travel writing career, those wanting to subsidize a travel passion, or those just looking to craft a better personal travel journal.


Perhaps you are already a writer. Maybe you’ve dabbled in creative writing since high school or college, or you’ve worked on your school yearbook or small-town newspaper. Possibly you’ve thought about travel writing as a potential hobby or career. Maybe you’re currently working in journalism and want to venture into travel writing but don’t quite know how. Or perhaps you’re not really a writer yet, but you feel you have a memoir or first novel in you or you want to write about the travels of your youth. Whether you’re a novice or a strong writer already, our seminar lets you try travel writing on location, learning how it all works from seasoned professionals who’ll be traveling alongside you. Here you’ll explore how to craft a story that will stand out in the marketplace and pitch the piece to editors, all while enjoying a travel adventure with others who share a similar passion.


Best of all, you’ll get to visit a memorable and story-worthy destination and experience it in a new way—as a professional travel writer, with the insider access that often entails.

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